Sunday, September 5, 2010


Over the summer, we had cousin Ally over for a sleepover! The girls had a blast! It was so cute. They all wanted to sleep on the
floor in the living room. Ava tried, but it was too exciting for her, so she ended up in her crib. The next day, I took them to
storytime at the library. They were so good. They all sat by each other (even Ava) and listened to the stories. What big girls!

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Branson 2010

My mom, Shannon, and me took the kiddos to Branson earlier this summer. Alexis brought along her friend, Abby, and Ava got to stay home with Daddy and hang out with Papaw Tom. It was a really fun little trip. I hope we continue to do something like this every summer! The kids really enjoyed it!

Ally and AK on the way

AK and Ally with Santa in front of the Christmas Store

Alexis and Abby with our waiter (Jason Yeager from Season 7 of American Idol, top 12 finalist) at Hard Luck
Diner ( where all the waiters sing) The girls thought that was the neatest thing!

The girls on the Tea Cups at a little amusement park by our hotel
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Wizard of Oz Play

Shannon and I took the kids to see the Wizard of Oz play.  Alexis was a big fan (and still is) when she was younger and now Noah, Ally, and AK are really into it.  It was a really good production!  Shannon, Ally, and Alexis were having fun singing along, while I think AK was in awe of the entire show.  She is my very observant one.  She likes to just sit and watch intensely and take it all in.  Alexis is my dramatic one and likes to join in on the fun! 
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Ava at 20 months!

Ava was 20 months on June 23rd! This is the age Anna Klaire was when she was born!! Wow! I remember when she was born and it made AK look SO big!! I still picture Ava as my Baby Ava, not a toddler. She loves playing in her room with the girls' kitchen. She makes all of us come in there and points to the floor and wants us to sit so she can serve us. She loves to play with her babies and I think I have created another "Princess" girl!! She is in love with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The girls have the little figurines of all of them and her favorite is Dopey. Every morning when she wakes up and I get out of her bed she always says "Drink and Hi-Ho". She wants something to drink and she wants to watch "Hi-Ho" which is Snow White. As you can guess, her favorite part is when the dwarfs are singing "Hi-Ho." I will sometimes catch her in her room playing with all of them and singing "Hi-ho, Hi-ho." I just tiptoe in there to listen but make sure she doesn't see me. It is precious!
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Father's Day 2010

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Softball, Softball, Softball

Whoo! What a season we had in softball! I had the priviledge to help coach this season, and it was such
a joy! The girls just amazed me with their sweet personalities and aggressiveness at in the field. I never thought I
would get into the game as much as I did. I really enjoyed watching Alexis grow and learn so much this
season. I am so very proud of her! She had 3 home runs this season on top of a single-double play!!
Our record was 8 wins to 4 losses. Not bad at all! I think we are going to try some tournaments over the summer.
Alexis is very interested so we think it would be good to just keep going. Here are a few pics from some of the games!
It was hard for me to be the photographer on top of trying to help coach! But, it was a lot of fun!
Go Waller Storage!

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Talent Show

Alexis sang Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" this year in her school-wide talent show.
She did an excellent job! She has been participating in the talent show every year since
Kindergarten. However, this year was different. It was in front of the entire primary school (K-3rd).
In years past, the talent show was held during the regular music class. But, you would have never thought
she was nervous! I'm really proud of her. She would practice all the time before the "big day" in the car or in her
room. I was able to video tape it as well. If I ever find the cord for the computer, I will have to upload the video.
Good Job, Alexis! Mommy loves you and is very proud of all your accomplishments in the 3rd grade.

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